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Dr. Grace’s Coaching and Mentoring Program helps people—whether they’re business owners, directors, or on the managerial track—to clearly establish and achieve their most ambitious career goals with confidence. Her program empowers executives to carry out their life purpose and mission through capacity and capability. In this blog, we’ll dig deeper into Dr. Grace’s unique, self-defined strategies with tips and tricks you can apply in and out of the workplace to be the most optimized version of yourself.

How to Inspire Your Team to Do Their Best at Work

As a leader, you are responsible and able to help your team members grow their skills, knowledge, and confidence. Investing in your team’s growth and development inspires them to do their best at work and beyond. You also create a culture of learning and excellence that sets your team apart from the rest. This article shares practical tips to help get you started.

5 Little-Known Executive Job Interview Tips

In this article, you'll discover five key strategies to ace your executive job interview. These strategies are based on the common mistakes many executives make during their interview preparation and how to avoid them. You'll learn to present yourself confidently, impress the hiring manager, and stand out. These tips will help you land your dream job if you're eyeing an executive position.

5 Key Habits of an A-Player at Work

Do you want to learn the secrets of the A-players, the top performers in any field? In this article, you will discover the five essential habits distinguishing the A-players from the rest of the pack. These habits will help you achieve excellence and personal growth and drive success for yourself and your organization. Adopting these habits will make you an unstoppable force in your career.

How to Prepare for a Recession and Remain in Executive Leadership

As a leader, you may face challenging situations when the economy is in decline. How can you prepare for a recession and keep your executive position? In this article, you will learn some strategies to cope with uncertainty, communicate effectively with your team and stakeholders, and demonstrate your executive leadership skills.

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