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Create Your Professional Brand & Communicate it Powerfully

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Imagine standing at a crossroads in your career, where every word spoken, every decision made and every action shapes the perception others have of you. This is the essence of your professional brand, a concept as vital to your career as it is to the world's leading consumer brands.

Recall the classic taste test between Coke and Pepsi, where individuals, blindfolded, made a choice based solely on flavor. These brands have since become icons, recognized worldwide. But have you ever considered that, like these beverages, you too are a brand?

Your professional brand is a powerful tool, encapsulating your reputation, your work, and the unique value you bring to the table. It's about being known for something specific and desirable, being discoverable by many, and ensuring that your professional identity stands out in a crowded marketplace. Crafting and honing this brand is not just about self-promotion; it's about creating a consistent, authentic representation of who you are and what you stand for in your career.

Let's delve into the three key principles that will help you build and project the professional brand you aspire to embody.

Your Professional Brand

Consider your professional brand as an embodiment of your purpose, a reflection of your unique skills and experiences.It's about the alignment between your true self and how others see you.

Think about the brands you trust, the ones that are instantly recognizable. They've built a reputation that resonates with you. Now, apply that same concept to individuals.

John Maxwell, for instance, is synonymous with leadership. Jeff Bezos is associated with e-commerce and building successful international businesses. Elon Musk is recognized as a disruptor, with ventures like Tesla, SpaceX, and Hyperloop. These individuals have crafted professional brands that are not only trustworthy but also congruent with their purpose.

As you rise to executive-level positions, your professional brand becomes increasingly important. You become known for something specific, an expert in your field. You become the go-to person in your industry, sought for your knowledge and the wisdom you bring to your consultations and leadership.

As an executive, it's crucial to understand how to develop your professional brand. How can you make your brand more premium? How can you command a higher salary because of your brand? How can you ensure that people perceive your brand the way you want them to?

The key lies in your name. Your name is your brand. You are the representation, the manifestation, and the expression of your brand. Consider Rolex watches. When you hear "Rolex," you expect quality, premium pricing, and exceptional service. Your name, like Rolex, is behind your brand.

Let's explore three key principles that can help you build a high-quality, recognizable brand.

Principle #1: Congruency Creates Conviction

The cornerstone of a strong professional brand is congruency, which in turn fosters conviction. Congruence means that your actions match your words. When you're congruent, you follow through on your promises, making your commitments reliable and trustworthy. This alignment between your internal values and external actions is not just a principle but a practice that when consistently applied, leads to trust—both in yourself and from those around you.

However, congruency extends beyond mere promises. It's about the holistic approach to your professional life. Have you ever found yourself diligently working on job-related tasks while neglecting personal development?

Building a professional brand is not just about enhancing your skillsets; it's equally about investing in personal growth. Your name, after all, is a representation of your brand, and it carries the weight of your personal story—your experiences, your triumphs, and the challenges you've overcome. When your personal story aligns with your professional brand, you achieve a level of authenticity that resonates with others.

In essence, your professional brand is a living entity, evolving with every decision and action you take. It's about being true to your word, consistent in your endeavors, and reflective of your journey.

As you cultivate your brand, remember that it's not just about the knowledge you possess but also about the wisdom you share and the authenticity you bring to your professional interactions. This congruence is what will make your brand not just recognizable, but also respected and valued in your industry.

Principle #2: Concierge Creates Confidence

Delivering outstanding service to those who count on you strengthens the trust in your professional brand. When you offer a concierge service, you're giving specialized, attentive care to your colleagues, bosses, or customers.This level of service is a powerful tool in building the trustworthiness of your brand.

Let’s go back to the example of Rolex. When you walk into a Rolex store, you are treated with a level of service that makes you feel understood and valued. They are there for you, ready to cater to your needs. This is the essence of a concierge service.

How can you provide a concierge service based on your knowledge and expertise? How can you ensure that this service aligns with your values and the congruency of your brand? The answer lies in the quality of service you provide.

When you consistently deliver high-quality service, you instill confidence in others. They begin to trust that you will always provide the best, and this trust enhances your professional brand.

Remember, when you are known for delivering the best, people don't expect you to be the cheapest. They understand the value you bring and are willing to invest in it. This is the power of a concierge service. It not only builds confidence in your brand but also elevates it, making it premium and recognizable.

Your concierge service is a reflection of your brand. It's about how you make others feel, how you meet their needs, and how you exceed their expectations. It's about creating a memorable experience that resonates with your clients and stakeholders, making your brand not just known, but also respected and valued.

Principle #3: Commitment Creates Currency

Staying true to your goals not only enhances your personal growth but can also significantly boost your professional standing. Your professional brand holds a certain value, akin to currency, which can be leveraged to negotiate better compensation.

For those aiming to be seen as a premium brand, particularly executives seeking higher pay, commitment is indispensable. This dedication goes beyond the hours you put into your job; it's about the time and effort you invest in personal development and growth.

Commitment is the key to creating currency. It's about dedicating yourself to continuous personal and professional development. It's about making a promise to yourself to grow and improve, and then keeping that promise. This commitment to growth is what will differentiate you as a premium brand in your industry.

When you are committed, you create a brand that others see as valuable. This perceived value is what allows you to have a fair exchange for your services—where your expertise and the quality of your work are recognized and rewarded accordingly. Your commitment to your brand is what will ultimately create the currency of your professional worth.

This principle ties back to the first two principles of building your professional brand. Congruency and concierge service are both enhanced by a strong commitment to your brand. When you are committed to providing a high level of service and to living your brand authentically, you create a strong, trustworthy, and premium brand.

Your professional brand is not static; it's dynamic and grows with your commitment. The more you invest in yourself and your brand, the more currency it will have. This investment is not just about financial gain but also about the satisfaction of knowing that your brand stands for quality, trust, and excellence in your field.

Your professional brand is more than just a label; it's a living, evolving entity that tells your story, showcases your value, and sets the stage for your future success. So, as you continue on your career journey, remember to stay true to your brand, provide exceptional service, and remain committed to your growth. These are the keys to building a professional brand that is not only recognizable but also respected and valued in your industry.

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