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Executive Career Growth Strategy in a Recession

Friday, July 07, 2023

The uncertainty of the world today may have left you wondering about the future of your career. Questions like "How do I grow my career amidst these uncertain times?" may be clouding your mind. Given the onslaught of news about the fluctuating economy, rising prices, and companies laying off workers, it's understandable that you're concerned about your growth potential and the availability of opportunities.

This concern is even more valid if you've been trying to grow your career path using untailored advice. This one-size-fits-all approach is usually commonplace career advice, passed around word of mouth, or freely given on LinkedIn. But the problem with general advice is it doesn't take into account the fact that the executive career path is vastly different. But what if there was a better way to navigate your executive career growth in these uncertain times? That's what I'll be discussing in this article: the three essential strategies to successfully steer your executive career in a time of uncertainty.

Set Clear Growth Goals That Align With Your Values

The first strategy is to set clear growth goals that align with your values. As an executive, you've reached your current level not by accident but through the adoption of specific values and characteristics. When you set career goals, they need to align with these core values.
These aren't merely values that sound good. They're values rooted in your past experiences and successes. They're the values that have seen you rise through the ranks of your organization, that have helped you adapt to the changes and challenges of your role.

But how do you identify these values?

The answer lies in self-awareness and reflection. It involves identifying the values that have been characteristic of your past roles and how they've contributed to your success. Once you've identified these values, you can align your career goals with them.

Remember, your career goals should not only satisfy your personal ambition but also solve real problems for your company, especially in these uncertain economic times. Your company will want to see how you can contribute to addressing dynamic problems and marketplace uncertainties. By setting your career goals in this way, you are ensuring that your growth aligns with the company's need for problem solvers in these challenging times.

Build a Business Case Around Each Milestone

Your career goals will naturally involve certain milestones - financial, job title, trajectory, influence, projects, or relationships. This forms the foundation for the second strategy, which is learning how to build a business case around each of these milestones. These milestones matter to you personally. They provide you with a sense of fulfillment and motivation. However, achieving these milestones requires buy-in from various stakeholders, and that's where building a business case comes in.

As an executive, your role involves more than just implementation. It's about diplomacy, effective communication, collaboration, and understanding the interconnectedness of things. This understanding helps you see how the milestones you're aiming for will benefit not just you but your company, peers, stakeholders, and other executives.

Building a business case around your milestones means demonstrating their value to the company, showing how your personal career goals align with the goals of the organization, and ultimately, getting the necessary buy-in. This approach is about connecting the dots, creating a narrative that underscores the mutual benefit of your career growth, and learning to navigate your executive growth path in an uncertain economic landscape.

Embrace All Sides of the Pursuit

As you pursue growth in your executive career path, you're sure to encounter the spectrum of experiences — ups and downs, benefits and drawbacks. The inspirational moments will be there, as will those moments that might feel less invigorating. Life will surely serve you both. Even in relationships, there will be those that will challenge you, and those that will provide unwavering support.

The fascinating part of this journey is that momentum isn't fueled by only the positives. The real propulsion comes from embracing both sides. Remember, there's no such thing as growth without challenges. Every relationship, every situation will present you with both sides, and your ability to navigate them effectively is what matters. This embrace will bolster your self-esteem and confidence, transforming you into the person you need to become to maintain momentum in your career path.

Just as a master chef balances the flavors in a dish to create a gastronomic delight, you too may balance and embrace the diverse elements of your executive journey. The sweet cannot exist without the sour, and the highs are made more meaningful by the lows. This broad embrace is where your true growth resides.

Life's orchestra never plays a monotonous tune; it's always an amalgamation of highs and lows, ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. The uncertainty around growing your career as an executive, especially in tumultuous times, can be daunting. However, by setting clear growth goals that align with your values, building a business case around each milestone, and embracing all sides of the pursuit, you can navigate your path with confidence and purpose.

You're not merely a spectator in this journey but the director of your career's grand play. This isn't just about acquiring new knowledge; it's about taking conscious, directed action. Every decision you make, every milestone you reach, is a step toward your desired future. Embrace the full spectrum of your experiences, and leverage them to enhance your growth, no matter what is happening in the world around you.

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