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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Level of Self-Awareness

Sunday, May 07, 2023

If you're seeking to progress in your executive career or aiming for the C-suite, honing your self-awareness can help you reach that goal. Self-awareness is a critical skill for professionals because it gives you the clarity to know your strengths, your motivations as a leader, and areas that may challenge you. Developing self-awareness takes time and intention, but it doesn't have to be complicated. This article will explain four simple ways to improve this vital skill.

Self-awareness is a state of mind where we are conscious of our personality and traits. It is the state of being aware of our worldviews and philosophy– all the things that drive our behaviors and decisions in each moment. Your sense of self-awareness affects the way you experience yourself and the way you react to life. Self-awareness gives us more perspective and allows us to make better decisions about what fulfills us and how we want to live our life. Once you have a greater understanding of self-awareness, you begin to experience yourself differently.

The first way to improve your self-awarenessis to ask awareness-inducing questions. For most of our lives, throughout our education and work, we are trained to give the correct answer. But true insight is not in answering questions correctly; it’s in knowing the right questions to ask. Typically, many of us may have yet to learn how to ask great questions of ourselves. Self-awareness requires you to reflect on the un-asked questions about your own life. Doing so helps you become conscious of your internal state and reveals things about your reactions, your emotions, and motivations.

Much of our professional lives are structured around doing tasks and attaining achievements. But, as people, we are more than the sum of our professional triumphs. Becoming self-aware requires understanding who we are rather than what we do. When we ask questions to discover our inner selves, we can know ourselves better and become conscious of our true nature. The quality of our lives becomes elevated as we live to align with the core beliefs we’ve uncovered by simply asking the right questions.

The second step to better self-awarenessis to balance your perspective on yourself. We often take a one-sided view of ourselves from our expectations about our performance and intelligence. This perspective creates a biased self-view that is not accurate. As an individual, we are more than expectations and work performance. Distance yourself from self-criticism and harsh self-evaluation. Taking a more objective view allows you to see yourself as you are. This balance can encourage a stronger sense of self-worth.

The third tip to strengthen self-awarenessis to choose inspiring problems. Most people go through life, allowing problems to come to them. Dealing with issues as it comes is a common way of navigating through life’s challenges. But there are better approaches than allowing problems to find us.

You can control your life by choosing what challenges you want to solve. Motivating and inspiring problems will drive you to work with resilience and perseverance because these are challenges that you believe are worth solving. Along this path, you’ll gain more awareness about your highest values and what fulfills you.

The fourth point to encourage self-awarenessis to determine your values. Knowing your values is a critical step toward greater self-confidence and understanding your internal state. Your values are not dictated by what you think they should be, nor are your values dictated by what others tell you. Your values come from within and are close to your true identity. Knowing your highest values will naturally inspire you to live according to those. So when you genuinely determine your values, you create a higher level of self-awareness.

Self-awareness isn’t something you can gain overnight through tactical procedures. But through a set of practices and a shift in mindset over time, you can develop a more profound knowledge of yourself. You will know yourself more wholly and profoundly by asking questions, balancing your perspective, choosing inspiring problems, and determining your values. And you will gain the self-awareness that prompts you to inspire others and live out your highest aims.

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