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Is Relying Solely On Your Technical Expertise Capping Your Personal Or Company Growth Potential?

The truth is, institutions and corporate trainings may not teach you the tangible skills you need to succeed in the real world, and corporations expect you to be a good executive without providing training for those higher roles.

If you’re feeling lost and confused in your role, I know exactly how you feel, and I can help. I’ve broken through that same loneliness and self-doubt that you’re experiencing and can teach you to do the same through a pragmatic approach based on principles and truth.

While I understand your fervor of intellectual pursuit, I’ll shift it from the technical end to the interpersonal and intrapersonal aspects, which are just as powerful as the hard, technical tools. A strong founder with the ability to create connections and collaborate one-on-one is key to building a strong business.

I’m not here to make you busier—I’ll give you the shortest path to integrate what you learn in my program into your life to maximize your efficiency. Furthermore, I’ll provide invaluable field-tested and pragmatic insights that you can apply to get your desired outcome instantly.

Meet Dr. Grace

After a challenging childhood living homeless for a few years, I realized I needed to make a change by the time I turned 16. Believing a promising future lied solely in a college education, I grinded my hardest to get a scholarship—before realizing everyone has a bachelor’s degree, and to be truly great, I’d need a master’s degree, too. So, I applied to become a neuroscientist in the most prestigious school possible, Edinburgh University. But not being Scottish, I was given just one year of scholarship, meaning I had one year to complete the program! Next, I was told everyone has a master’s—now I’d need a PhD. Returning home to Vancouver, I successfully completed the program and a fellowship, hating it the whole way through. But I persisted because of the logical societal progression.

It was this experience that sparked my change. I started to become a better communicator, put myself out there, explore other career paths, understand what motivates people, advocate for myself and articulate my value, create relationships from people completely different from me, and ultimately answer my own life questions. Like, how do you decide a career path? Convince someone to hire you? Excel in a job you lack the skills for?

Each time I answered one of these questions, I would hold a seminar. I started training people in these very skills, ultimately coming to the realization that I don’t want to stay in academia, so I shifted my career to a managerial position in biotech, despite having no experience.

I became well-known for helping people break through the chain of belief that you must follow a certain path and equipping them with the capacity to think for themselves, all the while being authentic.

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Whether you’re a business owner, director, still in college, or on the managerial track, I’ll teach you how to tap into your inner potential to be the best executive you can be. I'll help you develop the “soft” skills you need to grow into your leadership role—the ones we know aren’t actually all that soft. Rather than the theoretical information you learn in college, I will train you to develop the right skills now, so you’ll be ready when the time is right, skills such as communicating, exuding diplomacy, building stakeholder relationships, getting buy-ins, and being the face of your company.

Let's Get Started:

Through my coaching and mentoring program, I’ll empower you through capacity and capability to carry out your life purpose and mission, however you define it.

In this executive coaching program with communications training, I’ll guide you to integrate these skills into your life so you can see results immediately. I promise that you don’t feel like it’s “extra work”. Instead, you’ll gain tools to affect your daily life and get the results you want.

Dr. Grace Is An International Speaker, Global Educator, And Executive Coach Who Helps People Become Their Best Selves By Overcoming Limiting Beliefs.

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Dr. Grace has helped a global community of over 23 countries grow into their most confident selves.

Read their stories below.

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"I met Dr. Grace Lee when she was with Stem Cell Technologies and has been an amazing mentor in my life since then. She is a remarkable human being and offers her consultation with passion, grace and lived experience. She has my highest recommendation. There is no better person to offer the kind of help that she does as a Career Revisionist. She's walked that path herself and she has the skills to help you reach your highest potential with compassion and insight."

Angela Leong
Founder and Clinical Director, An Elegant Mind

"I have been lucky enough to have been in numerous meet ups with Dr. Grace Lee. She brings a science based understanding of human behavior that is hard to match and always worth listening to. Combined with her disarming manor it is a powerful combination. She has helped me look at what I am doing and why in new ways that help me be more effective in how I interact with others as well as how I think about myself. If you have a chance to hear her speak I highly recommend it. Unlike so many others she isn't 90% fluff."

Shawn Methany
Owner of Conjured Images

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