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I'm Dr. Grace Lee, Creator & Host of the Career Revisionist Podcast for Executives, Team Leaders, People Managers, and Ambitious Professionals From All Backgrounds.

This podcast is for those among us who can't stay stagnant and admire anyone who demonstrates exponential growth.

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Who Is A Career Revisionist?

We challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and step into higher levels of leadership.

We are determined to rise confidently in our industry, so that we can make our greatest contribution using our knowledge and expertise.

We have worked hard to become great at what we do, but only so we can achieve the goals that give our lives meaning and purpose.

While we persevered through a college education to get us here with our technical skills, we understand that to get to the next level where we desire to be, it requires different kinds of skills.

We're not comfortable with failure because we experience satisfaction when we are advancing.

While some of us work well under pressure, ALL OF US perform the best when we are part of a winning team.

And instead of just hoping to achieve what's important to us, we choose to become a more optimized version of ourselves to make it happen.

We're not just A-Players, we are A-PLUS players. And we are the source of consistent output that makes positive advancements in the world around us.

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© Mastery Insights Inc. All Rights Reserved